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Micro Mail

Looking to mail to neighbors of current job sites? Check out Micro Mail! more

Why Micro Mail?

  • Great product for Home Service businesses. (Landscapers, Painters, Etc)
  • Allows you to mail the neighbors immediately surrounding your upcoming, current or past job sites. (you don't have to mail the entire carrier route unlike EDDM®)
  • Pieces are addressed and mailed to Single Family Dwellings only. (unlike EDDM®)
  • Quick Turn Time!

How do I start and what is the cost?

  • Have us customize a postcard just for you or provide us with camera-ready artwork.
  • Choose the quantity of postcards you’d like us to print and store for you
  •   4 x 6 5 x 7 6 x 9
    2500 $290 $350 $490
    5000 $425 $490 $890
    10000 $650 $775 $1250
  • Choose to mail either the closest 50 houses ($1.10 per piece) or 100 houses (95 cents per piece) to each job site. Includes list, addressing, postage and delivery to the post office!
  • Send us a minimum of 10 addresses to radiate around and mail at a time.

*Creative Design Additional.

Call us at 877-442-6245 or 513-231-0600 for a custom program to fit your exact needs!