EDDM® Pricing – Specialty Mail & Services

EDDM® Pricing

How do I start and what is the cost?

1. Provide us with artwork or have us design a mail piece for you for just $175.00
2. Choose the quantity you'd like us to print and store for you.

6.25 x 9 Postcards

Quantity Price
2500 $490.00
5000 $890.00
10000 $1250.00
15000 $1700.00
20000 $1999.00
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3. Work with us to select your carrier routes to mail.
4. We will process the USPS paperwork, bundle the mail and deliver to the post office.

Mail Drop

Quantity Price
Mail 500-999 per drop .39 per piece
Mail 1000-1999 per drop .33 per piece
Mail 2000-2999 per drop .31 per piece
Mail 3000+ per drop .30 per piece
Pricing INCLUDES postage.
*Some areas may require additional trucking fees.

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Specialty Mail & Services is an independent provider of mail [or other] services that is not associated, sponsored, or otherwise approved by the United States Postal Service to provide these services.